Your location is everything says Cape Town wedding planner,after a proposal the bride and groom are swamped with an array of decision makings in their wedding planning journey. From selecting a wedding date to taste testing delicacies. And of course the indispensable location. Location is everything from the first time guests view the address on the invite, to their reception at the entrance and beyond. Selecting a wedding venue that is as unique and special as a couple would like it to be, makes a big difference between a mediocre and an outstanding one. Once a wedding venue is selected, usually everything else follows like a domino effect in their wedding planning journey. Let’s have a look at the different venues couples have selected for their special day all over the world.

The castle wedding venue

With a ceremony at St Mary’s chapel and the reception at Lulworth Castle, this couple known only as Seth and Selina had a royal like wedding.


The un-usual air suspension wedding venue

A couple from Belgium, Jeroen and Sandra Kippers had their wedding 160 feet above the air suspended by crane. The guests and officiants who joined them witnessed the wedding ceremony before the couple bungee jumped from the crane!


The circus wedding venue

This couple only known as Stacey and Joshua celebrated their wedding day in a circus tent. Why you ask? Well for their love not only for each other but for the circus too. Not only that, they like vintage so they chose to combine the circus theme with that of the 1940s in their wedding planning. Now that is unique and creative! See for yourself!



The infamous Vegas chapel wedding venue

Some folks prefer a quiet, intimate wedding. Either in court or at a chapel. They prefer to skip the glitz and glamour to concentrate only on the vows. Over a hundred thousand weddings take place in Vegas each year. Anyone getting married in Vegas must be 18 years of age, so as easy as it sounds to elope from parents; one has to be an adult. The requirements are as follows; 1: an identification form be it a birth certificate, driver’s license or a passport etc. b: a marriage license from the marriage bureau and c: $60. And voila, ten minutes later a small wedding evolves into a marriage!


Sinead O’Connor and boyfriend (notice I said boyfriend and not fiancé) had their holy matrimony at the infamous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, where a wedding is done drive thru style. Yip you read right, drive thru style! As you would drive through one for a take away, they took a ten minute drive to take away their single status. It was Sinead’s fourth marriage but her first ever in Las Vegas. She had always wanted to get married in Las Vegas. So the bride in a pink dress and pink Cadillac was blissfully happy! Different strokes for different folks, as the idiomatic expression goes.

And The Island wedding right on our own Cape Town soil.

Aww…how romantic is an island wedding? Not to mention on the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day. A wedding planners dream day for a wedding. You don't get more romantic that that.

Every year several couples take to Robin Island on Valentine’s Day to say their I do’s. This year, ten couples boarded the Susan Kruger ferry to part take in the 12th annual mass ceremony. Between the year 2000 (when it began) and 2009, 150 couples got hitched on the island. And they flock in from around the world!


Where ever the venue may be, it ultimately coincides with the theme of the wedding. It is where the pictures are taken for the wedding album. And where the nostalgic memory of that special union is held, at the location.

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