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We are dedicated to find the most unique ceremony locations for our destination and intimate wedding couples, we like to go where very few have to give our couples that extra bit of exclusivity and romance. Because of the more intimate guest list, there are unprecendented unique and breathtaking options that unfortunately for their larger counterparts won't be possible. Be it with just 2 or 20 guest our intimate and destination weddings are planned and conceptualise with the same meticulous attention to detail as larger celebrations. Whether you prefer a romantic ceremony high up on the mountains or the tranquility of our white beaches and their majestic boulders, we will create your vision with as much or as little detail as your heart desires.If you would like to take your handful of guest on a culinary explosion in a gorgeous setting or whisk away on your honeymoon right after your ceremony we will personalise and plan every detail to compliment your unique style. From designer stationary to luxury chauffer driven vehicles and lavish wedding arches or the simplicity of only nature as the background, the couple and officiant we will ensure its extraordinary,detailed driven and romantic in every essence. 


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